Bury February 2 – Post # 5: Clever By Design

For more years than not Saturday night has belonged to board and card games. It was how my immediate family met and interacted when I was in middle school. Parents on opposing shift could do worse when looking for a way to get that bonding time

Many years later, I am still gaming. It’s gone through phases and it is now mostly with my friends. I enjoy the mixture of thinking and socializing quite a bit. I lose more than I win. I think this just comes done to my low key sense of competition. I am a systemic player.

My collection is a decent size – hovering somewhere around 125 – and distinctly not in the Monopoly/Risk mold of game. It is mostly made up of the Euro or Designer style of game. I like my rules elegant and pieces wooden.

And then there are the card games. I was never big into collectible card games like Magic. I played them but never really got deep into it. That said I have gotten into the extremely popular deckbuilding genre, specifically Dominion. It has the combo versatility without the need to ‘pay to play’

Back in the day, I know I had some of that geek guilt for my choices in hobbies. Now with that culture certainly in ascendence, I have let up on myself quite a bit. Board game night is a cheap way to be with my friends, do something that requires thinking, and have fun. Nothing to be ashamed of there.


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