Bury February 2 – Post # 6 : Back to the Trailers?

On the merits of the director, I’m going to check this out. I’m done with the cult of the twist ending. Now if I could just lose that pesky hang up on originality.

For example in the above trailer, I know the exact terrain where this is going. The attention to character psychology and the grit to the proceedings however draw me in.

Road movie, indie style? That’s original. Again it is the details surrounding the plot which really make this something to seek out.

And then things like The Troll Hunter comes along and leaves me gob-smacked. Yeah, you heard me. I know it looks pretty daft but it has this car crash quality.

Speaking of wrecks along the information superhighway. It’s good to see Charisma Carpenter is getting a paycheck. I want to see this and I will watch it ironically. Whatcha gonna do about it?

Ah After Dark films! Bastions of Lionsgate’s crap horror film division. I was worried when you started to release things like Lake Mongo. Who was gonna beat that dead horse? Excuse me while I finish up my script about a van rental agency run by psychotics. Must remember to write in more annoying teenager bits. Should I include a jump scare at the end of my trailer? I bet no one has done that before!


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