5 from The Fugue: Autumn Observances

Halloween has always been good to TSFI. The posts that get the most hits here are ones attached to my 31 day solo blog-athon that occurs each October. So with that mind, I realized it was mid-september and I’m just not interested in doing one this year. I don’t see how it is going to fit into my busy schedule.

Currently I am taking some design classes so I can learn more about the nuts and bolts of code. In short, it is time consuming. I started this site as a vent for my compulsively critical tendencies and a way to give compulsive need to write. These things came against the form itselF AND became something else.

It was never intended to become a wildcat Youtube booster. The “Tube” is a great added content generator. Twitter is quickly becoming my prime content maker because it is much more tied to my POV than a digital dumpster dive. Time has always been a driver about how I blog.

I have always been in awe of the devotion that certain bloggers have to their site content. I should put up a list of blogs but I’ve been lazy about it. I have tried to go “post-blog-roll” since my list of stops is so broad that this would be a project itself. Hopefully, my classes will compress the amount of time I spend doing this but increase the amount of my own writings. Pity, I feel that this prosaic angle is oppposed to the surfing experience of many.

like I totally see an autumn rhythm...?!

The lingering question I have about blogging is one of audience. My range of interests makes it hard to figure out who these invisibles who surf through TSFI. My comment board is bare and I suggest that if you have something constructive or insightful to post. I will respond as I have time. I will not be be doing the 31 day thing. I’ll try to do something substantial on the blog in the next few months. School has priority, though part of me is here in the fugue

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