Five From The Fugue: Architectural Dancing

I got a New Year’s wish. And I know I can fulfill it. One of the reason for creating TSFI was an unchecked desire to write about music. I was posting reviews on Amazon near compulsively. While it was fun to get feedback and the baby rush of forum posting, something was lacking. So that lead to blogging and shortly thereafter my problem. The form of the expression started to dictate how I would do this. More correctly, my perception of it started to mess with me.

As a firm believer in I would never write something that I would not read, I started to look at how I “read” the web. I am a nibbler, I am a saver, and I am a surfer. So this told me how I had to create a blog. The rest I learned after I got going. I don’t want to spend a day making a post. Simply there is not enough time. The first sites I followed were very opposed to this and all the better for it. There was thought, density and, importantly, length. And all for free. I was estatic! Imagine my disappointment when I realized I could not do it that way!

Sometimes when the site would go dormant, I’d think you just gotta post something. These post are always done in the spirit of the show must go on, keep the party going. After a few of these types of post, certain corner cutting tricks became evident. The world makes it impossible to be all soul all the time 24/7. Not to say I’ve ever supported something I did not love just it’s never been in the way I would present it if time was no object. Time? That shit’s priceless.

Which brings me back to my wish. Writing about music. I am not saying that I have not written about music in the past, online and otherwise. I mean something like Lester Bangs or Greil Marcis or Ira Robbins. The Trouser Press Record Guide, like The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film, has been guide to me. I’ve spent a majority of my life living in areas where I am the torchbearer of the weird and off-beat. Hair always a little too long, no odd facial hair, no tats or piercings, and this unruly mind. So I don’t know no icons beyond the obscurest kind for me. To be honest, I have yet to figure out who I am writing for. The best I can up with is my audience is mixed. I am going to pretend you know somethings and not others. I could be wrong.

So for the next few days, I am going to try this experiment. I am going to do a four part list of my favorite music of the year. This will be in three parts. My favorite five new “albums”, my favorite five “old” albums, and a third part which will be much less list-y and way rambly. Could be done as early as 31st of December or as late as 3rd of January. Anyone who saw my twitter posts about songs of 2011 this is what that turned into. Should be fun to see where this goes….

This is the street of the mundane

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