Trailer Park Six – “Doomsday!” edition

Going to do a little curating for this six.

I want that movie to be good. Though there were too many of this type of film made post Natural Born Killers.

Have not heard much good about The Divide. Did not like the director’s other films. But when a movie comes out with the name of your great unmade movie script, you should check it out right?

Terrence Malik style zombie movie set during Civil War? I am a skeptic who wants to believe when it comes to this one.

This one has me torn. Is it a depressing yet deep art film? Is it a conspiracy to make sure everyone on the planet sees Ewan McGregor’s junk? It is a battle between my head and my heart.

They say that one in four believe they will see the end of the world in their lifetime. I think they are low balling the stats.

Michael Shannon is great. I liked him in Shotgun Stories, My Son My Son and Bug. While not expressly apocalyptic, this one seems to have some common themes with the others. Little worried about the CGI but a strong film could make me over look it.

Another six down on the way to END TIMES! Keep it classy, America.

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