Angry Energies – A Micro-Comp

More curating for the disinterested and disaffected!

A good clip that gives off that Old Gray Whistle Test vibe. It is strange for me to attach faces to this music. Miss the f bomb in the second to last verse. I can be silly like that sometimes.

If you don’t get The Clash, you won’t get me. London Calling is masterpiece of an album. This song sums up much I am feeling these days. Occasionally amazes me that they mention the capital of the state where I live. Often doubt that I actually heard them sing it.

A bit too much Ministry than my top tier favorite Killing Joke songs but, the message has been on my mind a lot. I am sure that will thrill those who business it is to read blogs. Reading blogs all day? Now there’s an easy job.

The best times of my life were in the 90s. Not saying it was a golden age. I don’t mind taking a mental day trip away from the free floating awfulness that is the aughts. The use of this song in The Rules of Attraction sticks with me for some reason.


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