Reflections in A Glass Eye

Glass Eye Pix represents where I would like the future of horror to be. The style exemplified by this production company, built by Larry Fessenden in 1985, runs counter to the modern cineplex style of Lionsgate. The slower paced, topically inflected, cinema verite influenced feel of their movies reminds me of my two favorite film periods. The infusion of early 90s indie with early 70s indie is just right for my sensibilties.

Hopefully with the growing appeal of Ti West and the success of a genre festival film like Stakeland, the style found in films from Glass Eye Pix will supplant the quick cut CGI fest which has dominated the modern horror film for too long. Not to mention allowing film makers to experiment beyond the slice and dice/torture porn/serial killer format. No matter what Glass Eye Pix’s Scareflix will be a great counterpoint to assembly line horror films.


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