Post Equinox Progress Report

Oh there you are! I thought I caught someone in the corner of my eye! Things are way busy here at TSFI headquarters. I am trudging my way through the maze that is college education which really eating up the time.

The point of this post is just to give any who gives a damn the heads up. TSFI is not dead but it is way down on the list of things that vie for my attention. Maybe it is time for a change but I am not going to consider that at the moment.

As for my 31 posts to Halloween thing (that everybody seems to do these days), I think I’ll sit this year out. However if you are interested, I do have a 2nd site called Uncanny Roots where it is Halloween everyday. Actually I have probably posted more in the last 6 months to UR than TSFI. It’s my little style experiment. To check it out just click the image below.

Also as you may have noticed, I am fairly active on twitter as well. So you will also have that which I am sure will skew towards Halloween type stuff.

Okay that’s it. See you later Invisibles.


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