The Latest in A Series of Stalls

So here I am again invisible ones. Just wanted to acknowledge the existence of this blog again. This is where I make my latest claim to redouble efforts but we all know better. With the speed of life rising to a high pitched whirring, I am overwhelmed. Splitting the difference between this many screens makes the challenge of the perfect routine into a zen exercise. What I am hoping is that the tablet I got will open up new paths and reinvigorate efforts of productivity.

With Twitter becoming my main means of sharing things of interest, it does make me wonder what to make of this. I could always try to make good on the promise of more me based content!  This would mean I have to make more of it. School has really got me hopping and much of my efforts are going into that. It seems I do more thinking about my own personal efforts than implementing. And if there anything that blogging is good for it is giving yourself a push. So in other words, watch this space!


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