New Directions?

Yes I am still here. But not as much as I used to. My “problem” with these new media platforms is how each one you add the less time you have for each. The process of integrating them all is time consuming. For some reason,  I find myself up against time constraints. It is such a common complaint in this culture that it is just implicit to everyone. Of course, I have to make things complicated by refusing to give up on any media experiment or dabbling I’ve done. It is all about re-purposing for me. TSFI was meant to a receptacle for reviews. then it became a you tube clip receptacle. And then Twitter came along and blew it all to hell. Also I started Uncanny Roots, a weird tale influenced blog where i tried to use a different design idea. And now I have a tumblr blog. And I am involved with coming up with a podcast with a friend. How am I going to manage this?  TSFI will become my modest little journal for my own media platform experience. So from June onward, I will post an entry on the last Monday of the month. It probably won’t be long or flashy but who can say? The one thing that TSFI has managed is chronicling my stunning lack of Progress.

Later invisibles….

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