Surveying The Yard

Ted's Kingdom

To anyone who has bothered to visit here with any regularity, this latest delay should come as no shock. Like so many of us in the world today, I am getting my ass kicked. The plethora of entertainment options, the shrinking clock, and the need to recharge have conspired against me!

I ask for no pity since I’ve done it to myself, or at least took part in this squandering. I am actually just trying to find the thrill again, that sense of rejuvenation that the arts can give. Not just as a consumer but as a creator as well. It is so easy to get distracted when trying to remain open to possibilities, to not see all change as a bad thing.

In Taoism, the concept of Wu-Wei, action through in-action, has always intrigued me. Often in my life it feels that if I do nothing then nothing happens. After many years of just going all passive aggressive in hopes that something would fall into place, I have tried to be more considered in my presses towards action. Still working it out, still getting kicked around.

Some days it is easier to go along with this struggle than others: in some instances it is an hour by hour climb towards tolerable. So we leave this entry to be the marker. It is part of what I do and, by extention, who I am. Still here and will be again.


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