Sometimes Missing The Target is The Point


Hello invisible denizens of the web! Guess it’s funny to realize that none of us are truly unseen. And when say funny I mean not ha ha but strange. A persistent dream of the early internet surfer was the that the experience would open a new world, a secret world, where personality would become fluid, almost molten, and could be cast into any shape. It was not so much untrue as it was such a linear way to look at the way the human mind could be affected by this technology. It is certainly an oversight when you consider all the predictions made by cadres of science fiction writers since…well, forever!

(The corrective statement might be that most people aren’t reading SF but watching SF movies. And those movies are barely in the same orbit as vintage science fiction. Enough digression return to the main thoroughfare!)

I must admit that I find the development of internet culture to be as confounding as I find it to be wonderful. I am able to find my niche and squirrel myself away in a manner that would have fried my 80s kid mind. And whose to say it has not made my great candidate for a dopamine drip feed? Even in this narrow field of interests I live in there is still a dissonance. I should be glad for these voices of dissent but they just make me uneasy.

To posit there is only one universe after spending most of your days on the web is difficult. The fervor of belief that courses through humanity is scary thing to behold. And its on display 24/7. Outcomes are myriad in the human heart so why not the stars as well?

Yes, I am feeling introspective and a bit raw these days. And when I say introspective I mean misanthropic. And when I saw raw I mean open, exposed to the nerve. I am trying to avoid self pity and reconnect with my weary muse. Imagination is the skeleton key to my survival. How about you? To those who have started noticing my small corner of the world, the feedback has been appreciated. I am going to try out some things in the next couple of months to goose things along here. I am tired of doing lists not because they are hard but because everybody does them. I get the work to time ratio but it is just not giving me that kick I wanted to TSFI to give me. It was intended as means to keep my brain moving and not to settle into boring patterns. In my arrogance I have tried to reign in my wide range of interests because I thought no one could “handle” it. I need just to stop hedging and go all out. That’s why I am here in this sphere. To have ideas and to express them.


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