Five from The Fugue: Imaginary Orbits iv


I am more interested in grand concepts than “hey look me” soul bearing. The trick these days is to even get to those stars, you have to at least stand on a chair. How we all get to these abstract places is through the concrete. My resistance to give a little on the human side has been blocking me up. I am at a point where most of my own biographical stories bore me. I never got nostalgic because I am always waiting for the latest edition.

I have realized that liking specific modes or styles of expression does not make me wish to live in a specific time or place. A long standing love for 70s cinema has not made want to dress in that style or that I believe it was a better place. A preference is not always a wish to return to a perfect childhood world. The availability of culture artifacts, due to our friend the internet, has made all of history a current event if we allow it to be. (And in some ways, we may not have a choice.) When we had to pilgrimage to these personal or institutional archives, the myth of inclusion was easier to maintain.

Those remote locations of pop culture in late 70s and early 80s were places one had to journey to. It was where one had to display themselves to their preferred subculture. The comic shop, the record store, the hobby shop gave these niche cultures a human history, a stage to play out upon. And that was where those seeds of yesteryear’s dream were sown.

While this all sounds very nice and purple, I don’t think it was exactly like that for me. I have always been an introverted person. Often I would venture into these places just to get my comics, to get my records, or to buy my dice. Raised to be a reader, I have always found seclusion in the imagination. Not just my own daydreams but the collective consciousness of the arts. That place has always been open to me.

The purpose of the arts is not isolate but open up. To show there is a universal nature to humanity that extends beyond all boundaries. And that to regard this can be an enjoyable experience. That concept has been an impetus for why I have struggled with blogging about pop culture items I enjoy. Even the idea of considering the boundaries of pop culture had lead me to running in circles. Obscurity nowadays is measured in degrees of persistence and circumstance more than proximity. That style you love is just a fugue away.


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