January Blog Note

Second Post of 2014. No excuses – I am simply awash in periodic distraction and depression. We should all be used to it by now.

A few words on The Secret Singularity. I am not sure how many of them there will be but it is the start of something new. I’ve been thinking about an essay about imagination, facts and reality and Buried Image is what came out. I want it to be loose and associative but not too obscure. I see it as part biography of influences and conversation starter. I am not an authority on anything. I have thoughts. I am not talking completely out of my hat, either. Don’t be shy, let’s talk some ideas.

I having a bit of a creative crisis these days. With the consumer market of creative arts bloated like a tick, I am considering the why bother of it all. I feel like a lot of baseline stuff has shifted. If I was simply writing for me, what would that look like? I am not sure what that would look like let alone if it would be a good thing. The audience confusion of the blog seems to have infected the rest of my writing. So much so that retreated back from attempts at fiction. It is as much about a cynicism about narrative as it is the search for markets. I got no luck with markets. As usual, posthumous discovery seems like the best thing to go for in these over-saturated days.


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