Fish in The Percolator

Social Media favors instant reactions that resist gradual change.

Real life is about impressions that deepen over time.

Life is at odds with the idea of constant entertainment.

Conciseness is only useful if it doesn’t erase the pattern.

Choosing between spontaneity and strategy is not an either/or contest

Not sure what this is now that me & the little bird are talking again.

My take away is that this sort of blogging is easier because it feels transitory.

Being forced to work inside a tiny frame requires smaller ego.

So now to find a hybrid state of communication would be good.

This is a lot of TSFI for one day!

Problem with most recent posts is they take so much focus.

And my attention span is shrinking everyday!

It is key that new forms of expression be free from market forces.

So back to the drawing board!

This was all written while watching ep 2 of Twin Peaks.

Does that really matter?

Maybe I’ll finish that essay someday…


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