What is the point?

TSFI is a place for me to explore obscure memes, fringe (ie cult) media, and pop culture resonances. I am drawn to how one thing leads to another in the world of the “arts”.  There is an associative thing that happens on the internet. I feel like my ‘surfing’ experience is always mutating. My trips around neighborhood are constant breakthroughs into new terrains. Get it? I am trying to keep it all open, easy, and fun. Despite what anyone tells me I am not trying to make money with this. I should note that blogging is open ended discipline which I am still learning. Also I’m not big on the whole confessional/car wreck dimension of the internet. If I want to make embarrassing disclosures about myself, I’ll do it face to face. This is just my postage stamp corner of the web where I can go in 36 directions at once and not sweat it. Hey who knows, it might come together! This is subject to change.

Speaking of change, I would like to address a thought that has been brewing for a while. Actually, a clarification of my intent. I have no legitimate claim to any of the works linked to or praised. I see TSFI as a simple way to point out the cultural debris I find appealing. This is a free past-time not a stepping stone to a media empire. Yes at one point I was involved in a fledgling production company. Currently that is on ice for the indefinite future. SO if anyone reading this site with legitimate claims to an item or items mentioned here wants anything removed I’ll take it off no questions asked. I do not see a recommendation as standing on the shoulders of giants but that’s just me. Some people fish, I surf and post about it. But not as much as I used to. I’m busy,you know?


One response to “What is the point?

  1. Jerry Anderson

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    Hope you find it helpful!


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